Finding Peace in His Purpose


We’re almost halfway through the year and I’ve felt like my workload has quadrupled over the past few months. Most of the time, I have felt like a one-woman army being pulled in a hundred different directions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the type of person who thrives off of being a busy person, but a few months ago, I found myself stressed, full of anxiety and feeling somewhat “left out.” I felt overwhelmed with numerous projects at work, trying to meet deadlines and tackling new tasks from my bosses. I was overwhelmed and seeing coworkers praised and acknowledged for my work.

Then something happened.

I was sitting in church on a Monday night when one of our pastors preached about God’s purpose for us and how the praise of others distracts us from God's purpose. My eyes got big and I smiled because this message was definitely for me. I found myself in full-blown tears sitting in the car after the service, asking myself, ‘since when have I ever sought the approval of others?’ I was so overbooked at work, I had begun to overlook God’s purpose for me in my position, the same position I had prayed for years ago.

Distraction had caught up to me. I realized I had spent so much time trying to gain the approval of others, I had pushed aside two opportunities God had placed in my lap. The company I work for partners with two non-profits in the area where we can create long-lasting relationships as well as renovate parts of their clubs to help improve the lives of teenagers and young adults. Rebuilding these two areas has been on this year's to-do list for work and is the motivation behind what I do.

Before I started this position, we had a very small reach within our community. So when I started a few years ago, I told myself that one of my main goals was for us to be more involved and for our brand to create genuine relationships with people and organizations around us, so we could help them as they improve the lives of others. I am a connector and that is one of my God-given gifts, one I realized I had at a young age. And aside from my typical roles and responsibilities at work, my favorite part about my job is connecting communities to our brand. That, I know, is God’s purpose for me in my work.

Life has its clouded moments, but we can always know that God has a plan in everything we go through. And the moment we let distraction in, we lose sight of His path. As followers of Christ, we do not need the approval of others because we already have His. So whenever we find ourselves overwhelmed like I did earlier this year, we have to figure out what’s distracting us, and ask ourselves if that distraction is worth more than God’s love. Once we realize it’s not, we begin to find peace in His purpose.