Jehovah Jireh


I was standing alone when the words echoed through me like a breathy whisper.

Jehovah jireh.

I could feel this name. My fingers palmed it as my mind rolled the name over and over again in meditation. The God who sees. The God who provides. I remembered the mountain top where Abraham saw the Lord’s provision in a thirsty and desperate way. That provision must have brought Abraham to his knees. I can see his face beaming radiance the way Moses’ did when he came off his own mountain top, his own encounter with Jehovah-jireh.

Jehovah-jireh. While I face my own season of deep uncertainty this name is the anchor that holds me fast despite stormy weather and high waves.

The God who sees. The God who provides.

I often have no answers. I often sit in the middle of my circumstances and see walls I cannot climb, doors I cannot force open. I struggle with feeling unknown, even by my own self. But Jehovah-jireh sees and provides. He sees through those walls and through those doors. He sees through my heart. He sees me and He lifts me up from my crumpled place on the floor. He provides.

He is the God who sees and provides, who sees to provide, who provides before I see and who sees what I cannot. I need to learn to better trust His gentle hands. He is who He says He is and in turn, I am who He says I am.

And for you, sweet sister, it is the same. He sees you. He provides. He knows. You are who He says you are. So rest with no more frantic darting from one thing to the next while losing sight of life abundant. No more placing that tear-stained cheek on your pillow, heart breaking without hope because there is hope. In the darkest places, the most walled-in places, the places where you stand in the rain and knock on hard doors, His love does not change and He is not unaware. He sees you and He will provide. He is your water. He is your bread. He is your strength and your salvation. He holds them both: salvation and days.

So let’s do this together. Let’s take this challenge. Let’s trust the God who grew up from the earth, sprawling plants before Adam and Eve even sinned, to cover their nakedness. The God who sees you this exact moment has already planned provision from before time even began, before Jesus healed the blind, the lame and the sick. He has planned to provide the ram. He has planned to provide the fire. He has planned to provide the rain. The God who carries each weary footstep when you cannot even find it in yourself to lift a trembling foot, the God who sees your fitful nights, those restless and sleepless hours when you don’t know how you will even get out of bed, has already set in motion His provision for you.

Listen to the murmur of His heart. Tilt your ear and listen to the quiet murmur of the One whose heart sees you. He sees you. He sees you. He sees you. This is the same God who sent an angel to touch Elijah and remind him to arise and eat for the journey was great. This is the same God whose ear catches the stuttering of your heart, the One who provides for the great journey and who comes after wind, earthquake and fire in a low whisper to remind you of His power and His tenderness. Let Him whisper provision into your weary heart and then stand on your mountain and proclaim that this place be named, “the Lord will provide” just as Abraham did. Meet the waves of life head on. Meet the interruptions and overwhelm them. Look them in the eye and welcome them into your life. Dance with them. Look at the unexpected, the unplanned and remember that He provides. Wake up in the morning and greet what throws itself into your day. Find freedom there in that deep uncertainty to live seen and provided for.