On New Beginnings


The only thing more constant than change is God’s love. Seasons come and go, but the one thing we always have to trust is the love of God. Recently I have been more convinced than ever that because of His great love, good news is on the way. I was on the phone with a friend trying to describe this assurance I have had recently. It feels as though the air is charged with potential for miraculous change and it’s driving us all towards hope. I feel like I can hear Jesus shuffling his feet on the carpet, getting ready to shock us all. Jesus, in all His big-brother-playfulness, has something good up His sleeve and He’s coming to pass it on to us. There is something good coming, I can smell it in the air like rain. I know it in my bones and I believe it with my whole heart. It’s more than the sun shining. It’s more than spring making it’s appearance. It’s more than prosperity gospel. It's the real and sure hope that because we have a good Father there is a shifting of seasons and the shift is in our favor. 

Recently I have been challenged to savor the season I'm in. It’s been one of the hardest things the Lord has ever asked me to do: to be sure that something good is on the way. In my heart of hearts, I know I’m a planner. I love to map things out and know where I am going before I get there. I’d be a liar if I sat here and tried to tell y’all that I don’t bail on stuff I know I won’t enjoy. But seasons don’t necessarily work that way. Sometimes the Lord puts you in a place you’re not going to enjoy. When He came to Abraham, He didn’t say “Go and leave your motherland, you’re going to have so much fun.” Fun and excitement were not promised to Esther, or David, or Joseph. In fact, in the middle of some of God’s most amazing promises, things got pretty bleak. In this day and age comfort can be a commodity, so much so that we take it for granted. Our predecessors did not (always) scold God, telling Him that because this was not comfortable they were going to opt out. Abraham, Esther, Joseph and so many others had something else to tug them along: an understanding that the result of the season they were in would affect more than themselves.

Life has made it so convenient for me to dodge and parry true growth and it’s hard. I wish more than anything that I could live my American dream and abandon what I don’t like, to remake myself. But more and more I am having to bow to the Lord’s dream and realize that to live the reality of God’s dream is to have better than what I could come up with on my own. I called an old mentor to talk it through and so much of what he said grounded me, but the one thing that really stuck with me was,“Chloe I know that whatever the outcome is, it will be good.” It was a profound moment because I could hear the sureness in his voice, something good was on the way, because God says I’m worth that. Even if right now it feels like an all-out, bare-knuckle fight, there is good at the end if I do not grow weary in well doing. It shocked me that this was not my first thought when I stopped to look at my circumstance and it challenged me. There is to be still and then there is to “know.” Do I truly know that God will take care of me? Do I know beyond any shadow of doubt that His intentions for me are good? If so then why is it so tempting for me to create my own best-case scenario? In a world that charges us to make something for ourselves, the challenge is to be still and allow God to make something good for the world through us. Being still in this season can look like different things to everyone but the true growth comes in knowing that we cannot outpace God, we cannot know a better solution than He has in store for us, and He is our best way to a good end. 

Something good is on its way through the Lord’s faithfulness and the beginning of receiving that is believing that you are worth it through Christ’s sacrifice and you will see it through God’s hand.