Stand a Little Taller - The Truth Behind The Word Ezer

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Recently, we designed a new shirt in our shop with the word Ezer (pronounced a-zer). Although many women are familiar with this Hebrew word, we realize there is a large group of women who have never heard this identifying and empowering word! Our mission here at The She Laughs Project is to empower women to discover their identity, authority and freedom in Christ. We work hard to ensure the messages on our apparel help us achieve just that! Needless to say, we were excited to get a personal revelation of the meaning of Ezer and couldn’t help but share its significance!


Ezer is first found in Genesis 2:18 when God said, "it is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper [ezer] suitable for him." I dug a little deeper into the background of how this word progressed over time and how we came to confuse this word. Evidence indicates that ezer originally had two roots. The guttural sounds of each of the original roots were different. One meant “power” and the other “strength.” However, as time passed, these two guttural sounds merged and the word “helpmate” or “mate” slipped into English since it was close to the Old English word “meet” which means “fit to” or “corresponding to.”


Without understanding the context and original meaning of this word it can be and has been interpreted wrongly for centuries. It’s time for it to be unveiled! The recurring theme in the Old Testament is war. Whether it was a war within the Israelites to trust God with His promises or war with its surrounding countries. The word ezer is a military term used 21 times in the Old Testament, twice to describe Eve and three times to describe Israel in her alliances with other nations. The remaining sixteen times the word was used in the Old Testament, was God describing Himself.  


Did you catch that? God used the same word He describes Himself to describe the purpose and significance of woman. Go on, you can stand a little taller. God places His characteristic strength and power in women. The intent was never to be looked at and described as a less than, weak, side-kick. We were created in the image of God, to be an expression of this image to earth in equal standing with man. Side by side with man.    


How empowering is it that God would use military language to describe the identity of women in Genesis 2 and again in Proverbs 31. We were never meant to be belittled or treated as inferior. We were never meant to be hushed and shushed into silence. We were meant to lead the soldiers of God into battle. We were meant to be Marys not Marthas, meant to sit at


His feet and soak in His wisdom, not just hover in the kitchen. We were meant to be the carriers of good news, meant to bring reliable and powerful truth, the first ones shown the resurrected Jesus.


I have only ever viewed myself through the perspective of the world, society and Hollywood. How they have drawn and identified women. I never saw myself through the eyes of a warrior or a solider or of one who fights and fights victoriously. That’s why understanding how God sees us and why He created us is crucial to this life.


It’s time that as women, we stand a little taller, speak up and out for what is right. It’s time that we rise, stand, approach our accusers and fight. It’s time we step into our true identity.


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