When God Asks You to Wait


A few years ago, I found myself in a very unhealthy relationship. I’m this bubbly, full-of-life, strong woman... and here I was broken, depressed, and asking God, “Why me?”

After I finally got out of that relationship, I had a very long, serious talk with God. More like a listening session actually. I’d always been a follower of Christ, but God told me that I wasn’t fully trusting Him with my heart. My strong, independent personality was the very thing that was getting in the way of what He had planned for me. God told me that day I needed to rebuild and recondition my heart, but this time, in obedience with His word. I kid you not, the very next day, after sulking in all my tears and broken heart, I woke up feeling like the storm had passed and the grass was green all over again.

As time passed, a few of my friends naturally wanted to play matchmaker but I kept saying no. I knew that in my heart, God would be my matchmaker. My response to them was to laugh and smile… I would say I was just excited for the man God puts in my life because he would be the one I’d marry. (My “She Laughs” moment, literally.)

What some of them didn’t understand back then, was that I was already having conversations with God multiple times a day about this guy. I have a ‘Dear God’ journal (that I’ve had for years now) where I write my prayers, and I remember writing down the qualities that I wanted in a guy; of course, the most important quality was that he had to be a full believer and follower of God, one who actively lives this lifestyle and will pray for me and for us when times are both amazing and not so amazing.

God listened.

While I felt Him working, He also told me that in order to receive His blessing, I would need to be obedient. God told me that I would need to commit to His word and wait until marriage. And I’ve been faithful since.

I would soon meet my fiancé, who was and is everything that I wrote down in my Dear God journal and so much more. This man that God placed in my life is the man I’ll marry.

The first time we met, he looked at me the way no one ever had and he told me that on that day, he knew there was something special about us. On our very first date, I had interrupted our conversation to pray over my dinner... and he told me that he was taken aback and that’s when the light bulb went off in his head. The next day, we went to church for our second date. We ended up hanging out for eight days straight. (You have to research the meaning of ‘eight’ in the Bible!)

Since then, he has prayed with me every single day and has been obedient to God’s word on waiting. We have grown to be each other’s best friend and understand each other on a level that no other person has. And that is because of God’s promise. I can see God through my fiancé’s eyes and I can feel His warm love every time I’m around him.

I am a living testimony of what happens when you just let go and let God. I have given every aspect of my life to our good, good Father, and my happiness has been abundant. The peace in my heart is untouchable. And my relationship with God has been the strongest it’s ever been.

Because of God, I get to marry my best friend – this wonderful man who loves me on a very spiritual level and is willing to fight for us and stand by my side through everything, this amazing man who I prayed for, this gracious man who is a reflection of God’s love for me.