You're Doing a Good Job


First and foremost, if no one has told you yet today: you're doing a good job. There are 7 billion people in this world fighting to thrive and love well and you are doing an amazing job at being yourself.

I just went through a week I will lovingly refer to as "hell week" for the rest of my life. Everything that could go wrong for me and my family did go wrong. Worst-case scenario was everyone's reality but I can tell you one thing for certain. The reason why I can even write this to you with any confidence is one simple truth: God is good all the time. Even when it's hard to see,

even when life has knocked the wind out of you,

even when others have treated you poorly,

you can get up and you can make it because God is GOOD and you are worth His goodness.

You're worth a second chance.

You're worth a smile.

You're worth fighting for and not just in some lofty 2,000-years-ago, theological sense. But in a real, right-now, nitty-gritty, in-the-dark sense. 

You're worth it not just because you look or talk the part, 

you're worth it because there is something deep inside you that has intrinsic value. You make the Creator smile.

Lets get down to the brass tacks, everyone runs into trouble at some point. The magic is we have already overcome the world and we serve a Creator who can take something bad and make it a good thing. I have seen it firsthand. I have seen what some consider to be ultimate rejection bring me into a season of community, acceptance, and liberation like I have never felt before. So if you feel like your joy is not quite summer ready, let me give you the same advice that helped me through. Girl, GET UP.

Get up out of your bed. 

Turn the Netflix off. 

Binge watch your life. Get up and see what the Lord has in store. Believe that it's good. Don't just take my word for it, go and have it, because you are called to goodness. Believe for yourself, even if it's only a fleeting moment, something good can happen to you. Get up and call out for help. Even if getting up just means picking up the phone and telling someone you can't be alone. Get up and ask for prayer. Get up and sing a liberation song until your reality looks like the lyrics. Fight for yourself the way you wish others would. Don't hide behind fake smiles and niceties. Get up and confront the issue head on.

You don't have to cower behind fake love. You don't have to accept false hopes. You are stronger than you think. And just one last time in case you didn't believe me at first: you're doing a good job. 



Get your mat, and walk.